ChexMix: A Literature Content Extraction Tool for Bioentities

Heejung Yang*, Beomjun Park, Jinyoung Park, Jiho Lee,
Hyeon Seok Jang, Namgil Lee, Hojin Yoo

Biomedical databases grow by more than a thousand new publications every day. The large volume of biomedical literature that is being published at an unprecedented rate hinders the discovery of relevant knowledge from keywords of interest to gather new insights and form hypotheses. A text-mining tool, PubTator, helps to automatically annotate bioentities, such as species, chemicals, genes, and diseases, from PubMed abstracts and full-text articles. However, the manual re-organization and analysis of bioentities is a non-trivial and highly time-consuming task. ChexMix was designed to extract the unique identifiers of bioentities from query results. Herein, ChexMix was used to construct a taxonomic tree with allied species among Korean native plants and to extract the medical subject headings unique identifier of the bioentities, which co-occurred with the keywords in the same literature. ChexMix discovered the allied species related to a keyword of interest and experimentally proved its usefulness for multi-species analysis.