Glance is a new database platform that integrates biomedical databases and embraces cutting-edge deep learning models to unlock hidden clues under enormous data. Our platform simplifies complex networks of biomedical data about protein targets and drug candidates, such as biomedical literature, assays, chemical and gene profiles, and extracts the most relevant ones providing insights for target identification, and drug repurposing.
Skeleton provides a novel way to find and optimize the drug candidates for your protein targets. With the large in-house database of compound fragments annotated by our AI technologies, it discovers unidentified pharmaceutical functionings of candidates, and it also constructs the best combinations of the fragments that fit into the binding sites in the targets. Skeleton makes novel drug design and screening possible with unprecedented precision.
Javelin is a chemoproteomics platform integrated with our cutting-edge AI/ML models, analyzes large-scale data generated from high-resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS), and discovers the biochemical interaction between drugs and protein targets. Javelin accelerates the target identification and the discovery of undruggable targets in drug discovery. Also, Javelin will be utilized for the novel drug design with the combination of Glance and Skeleton.