Our state-of-the-art platforms are highly optimized for Novel Drug Discovery. Our pipelines now focusing on the following:

(i) two kinases related to cancers of the lungs, bladder, ovaries, and prostates

(ii) specific proteins for autoimmune diseases, such as psoriasis and colitis

(iii) a potential candidate for the treatment of multiple sclerosis

The pipelines are well under development from hits discovery by Glance, Skeleton, and virtual screening, to lead the discovery and optimization by wet-lab experiments. Hit compounds for kinases and autoimmune disease targets are subjected to preclinical trials and validated with our scientific collaborators. After optimization, drug candidates will be introduced to clinical trials.

Drug Hit Discovery is the step for the identification of small molecules to act on the desired

To discover natural substances for the treatment of sarcopenia, alopecia, and other symptoms based on our biomedical database Glance, the substances identified from the network analysis by Glance lead to wet-lab experiments and are subjected to preclinical and clinical trials, respectively. The substances with therapeutic efficacies result in the development of functional supplements for alopecia, sarcopenia, and other specific symptoms.

We have established collaborative relationships with institutes, local governmental authorities, and private companies for natural substance discovery as the following:

(i) Seoul National University, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, and Kangwon National University for sarcopenia

(ii) Kangwon National University and FromBio for alopecia

(iii) Jeju Technopark for functional supplements and natural substances for other symptoms

Drug Hit Discovery is the step for the identification of small molecules to act on the desired disease target using our AI technology. A combination of our platforms explores chemical space and helps identify, design, and optimize novel candidates to target the specific diseases. The most relevant compounds are derived from the step of hit discovery to the steps of lead discovery and are optimized with wet experiments. Our Drug Hit Discovery service can offer the best drug candidates for a variety of diseases. We have established academic/business collaborations with Seoul National University, Kangwon National University, and Daehwa Pharmaceutical for anticancer/autoimmune disease drug hit discovery.

Drug Hit Discovery is the step for the identification of small molecules to act on the desired dAI-Chemoproteomics Target Screening is an accelerated precision analysis of proteins of interest in combination with high-resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS). The extensive analysis services based on AI-Chemoproteomics screening will include protein database searching, sample analysis, target/off-target identification, and validation. The results provide insights into the discovery of novel drug candidates/targets, biomarkers, disease etiology, and other diverse clinical applications.