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Unlocking the transformative power of
Chemoproteomics and AI
in revolutionizing drug discovery

We are at the forefront of a groundbreaking era, harnessing the power of chemoproteomics to expedite the arduous journey of bringing novel drugs from the laboratory to patients

AI technologies with cutting-edge science
that impact every stage of drug discovery

We have scrutinized how AI should be applied across the drug discovery workflow embracing biological and chemical data from cell, animal, clinical studies, genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics. This begins with our belief that AI technologies can unravel the key insights behind the underlying biology, chemistry, and physics describing how proteins and ligands interact. They also facilitate drug discovery encompassing in silico approaches and laboratory experiments. Our AI platform is based on this fundamental idea, and it has been already successfully adapted to target identification and small molecule drug discovery. We are in the process of expanding it to chemical proteomics.


Combining AI and scientific expertise to stimulate innovation

The advances in AI technologies have provided tremendous insight into the science and have helped unveil key drug discoveries. However, we are continuously expanding our insight to fathom pioneering scientific advances developed through AI technology for the experimental validation of cell-based and animal studies. Our in-house wet experiments facilitate the validation and optimization of protein target candidates examined by our AI platform. Embracing the goal of finding the most relevant candidates through in-house optimization can ultimately accelerate the drug discovery process by combining AI and practical expertise to innovate in silico drugs alongside in vivo/in vitro experiments for successful preclinical and clinical development.